Aalis Cosmetics Branding
In creating Aalis' visual identity, I aimed to  capture the essence of purity and authenticity. For the logo I focused on the power of its consecutive A's in the name, intertwining them to reflect the brand's dedication to natural allure forming an abstract shape of a butterfly. Soothing creams were chosen to harmonize with Aalis' commitment to purity. The corporate identity, marked by clean lines and tranquil typography, instills a sense of serenity. This visual style carries through to packaging and stationery, ensuring a cohesive brand experience that radiates trust, integrity, and the rejuvenating power of nature.
In product design, my focus was on merging elegance with sustainability. I envisioned packaging that mirrors a gift from nature, employing recycled glass and eco-friendly labels. The bottles' ergonomic design complements the products' innate purity. Aalis cosmetics now stands as a beacon of luxurious, eco-conscious wellness, with a visual identity that mirrors the seamless blend of elegance and sustainability
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