Mobile App: Stopcor ltd
Design an intuitive UI/UX for a device registration application catering to professionals in the anti-corrosion and limescale industry.

Key Features:
Device Registration: Simplified registration process with intuitive form fields for efficient data entry.
Comprehensive Log: A detailed log for each registered device, providing vital information at a glance.
Advanced Search and Filtering: Enables quick retrieval of specific device records, enhancing user productivity.
Responsive Design: Ensures seamless functionality across devices, from desktop to mobile, for on-the-go usability.

Design Approach:
Conducted user research to understand the workflow of professionals using anti-corrosion & limescale products.
Implemented a clean and minimalist UI design to ensure ease of navigation and reduce cognitive load for users.
Created a seamless registration flow with intuitive form fields, ensuring swift and error-free device entries.
Incorporated a robust filtering and search system for quick access to device records, enhancing overall usability.
Utilized a responsive design approach to ensure compatibility across various devices and screen sizes.
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